Fundability Assessment

I offer you a level of critical unfiltered feedback from the eyes of an investor that is rarely offered to entrepreneurs.

While admittedly not always what you’re hoping to hear, getting objective feedback from trusted sources is critical to making well-informed decisions in how to move your business forward

I’m not afraid to ruffle feathers. My sole goal is to advise you as best as I can based on my experience. As an independent outsider, I provide a balanced viewpoint to a management team that is often too close to the opportunity to be objective. My Business and Fundability Assessments can take various forms and shapes, depending on the stage of development, the goals of the engagement and the level of detail desired but include a written report with some or all of the following components:

1General perceptions of business strengths and opportunities.
2Identified areas of business/fundraising risk and strategies for mitigation.
3Easily correctible items from what is true, known and/or envisioned from what you have in your printed materials, such as inconsistent information in different locations, math errors, typos, critical omissions and ambiguities.
4Feedback on assumptions and logic behind your projections.
5Recommendations on at least some of the components comprising the formation of a funding strategy—when to begin raising, from what types of sources, for how much and to accomplish what objectives. Please note that logically flowing projections, even if overly optimistic, and accurate current financial statements are often required to give actionable investment recommendations.
6Recommendations of data that you might find useful to track/report to provide additional actionable insight.
7Suggested valuable contacts or contact types, often with personal introductions, such as team members, service providers, mentors, investors and/or customer prospects.

If this assessment leads to the recommendation that you pursue funding in the near term, I can then work with you on your Funding Strategy Development and then Funding Plan Execution.

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