Whether due to growth, a change needed to be made or it was forced upon you, there may be a time you are looking to augment your senior management team. Depending on the situation, you very well might not need or be able to afford a full-time person or perhaps there is a significant need in the short run that you expect will taper off. I can help as your CFO, COO (as outlined in the Extended Engagements Section) or a combination of both.

Far different than your accountant, controller and bookkeeper who each think of business primarily in debits and credits, the CFO supports the company by thinking about the company’s cash flow strategically. Typically, seed and early stage companies don’t need and can’t afford a full-time CFO but yet can definitely use someone with intimate knowledge of the Company’s progress relative to the vision in thinking strategically about how to best fund the Company in the present, near-term and down the road. Obviously, when the Company is actively in the fundraising stage, the time needed is likely to increase due to investor meetings, negotiations, interacting with attorneys, responding to information requests, updating materials as new information becomes available, getting all interested parties to the closing table, etc. Often, additional time is required of the CFO in preparing for Board Meetings and in maintaining an open line of communication with existing investors.

While, as described throughout the site, I can assist you with these functions as your coach/consultant, legally, I am precluded from interacting with investors on your behalf beyond making an introduction unless I’m a member of your management team. A huge benefit of hiring me as your part-time CFO is that my time can be dialed down as required and yet you still have a trusted advisor at your side focused on the company’s financial-well-being. Another important task typically done by a CFO that you might otherwise neglect include thinking strategically about appropriate tracking and reporting mechanisms of key performance indicators that might be an indicator of future cash needs and/or represent a milestone that would materially improve prospective investors’ interest and valuation.

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