Whether due to growth, a change needed to be made or it was forced upon you, there may be a time you are looking to augment your senior management team. Depending on the situation, you very well might not need or be able to afford a full-time person or perhaps there is a significant need in the short run that you expect will taper off. I can help as your COO, CFO (as outlined in the Funding Strategy Section) or a combination of both.

The COO’s responsibilities vary significantly from company to company and often over time, usually dependent on a variety of factors such as company revenue size, its organizational chart, its product delivery complexity, the CEO’s day-to-day involvement in sales and their management style. Regardless, typically, the overall theme of the job description is to serve as the CEO’s right-hand in “keeping the trains running on time” and getting things done. Specific tasks often involve some combination of overseeing product delivery, HR functions, all that is involved with keeping the office running smoothly, vendor negotiations and/or heading up special projects. Given the variety of tasks involved, my broad-based experience working with multiple companies in many industries, demonstrated abilities to manage multiple projects simultaneously, strong negotiating skills, focus on efficiency and an expansive network to help me learn what I don’t yet allows me to step in and support the CEO, whether on an interim basis due to a sudden opening or in a part-time capacity until the company’s needs and finances support hiring a full-time resource.

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