Funding Strategy as a Service

I serve as your trusted advisor for funding as well as business strategies, both separately and where they intersect. This role will generally include a monthly face-to-face coaching session and unlimited phone calls, texts or emails to discuss issues as they arise for you and, if desired, for your team. I am even available to be the objective voice to run team strategy meetings. Differentiating my form of coaching versus mentors or unpaid advisors is that I am included on the distribution list for your monthly financial statements, key performance indicators (KPIs), investor communication and emails highlighting important achievements. Thus, I am able to offer more-fully informed guidance, including a historical perspective as the Company has progressed and an intimate knowledge of your team and the interpersonal relationships. This ongoing relationship also helps me to proactively identify who within my considerable network can be of value as you need it.

Beyond general business growth, you can expect we will regularly review your funding strategy, and the impact of day-to-day decisions on fundraising opportunities down the line. I think this focus is very important given a constantly evolving Company, market opportunity, competitive landscape, staffing challenges and funding climate within the tech world, and yet, often is not thought about strategically except when actively involved in the fundraising process. As a trusted, independent outsider able to closely track your progress over time, I am able to provide knowledgeable and objective guidance to help you achieve your goals.

A focused approach to your growth

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